The robot is a fantastic surgical tool and one that improves results for most patients. It gives the surgeon better dexterity and better vision, so it makes sense that if your surgeon can see and move better he/she can operate better. And the better the operation goes, the better your results from it. However, the robot is just a tool and as the saying goes, a fool with a tool is still a fool! Give me the best tennis racket in the world and I still can’t beat Roger Federer. Give Roger Federer a wooden racket and he will still beat me. But give Roger Federer the best racket and he can beat almost anyone!

So what you want is a surgeon who has the best experience and the best tool. I did my robotics training in New York, Stockholm, Oxford and London, all among the world’s best places to learn, where I learnt from world-leading surgeons. I now work at the highest robotic prostate cancer centre in the UK, and perform 4 times as many operations as the average UK surgeon. So I should be expected to have better outcomes, right? After all, if I went to the golf course 4 times as often as I do now, surely I’d get better?