Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran (aka. PS), is a global expert in prostate cancer care and one of the UK’s best known robotic surgeons.

Dr Sooriakumaran works as a Consultant Urological Surgeon at University College London Hospital & the Santis Clinic (London), and performs over 150 robotic prostatectomies per year, 4 times more than the average UK surgeon. Dr Sooriakumaran’s patient outcomes are superior to national averages and similar to the best surgeons internationally. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) trained in robotic surgery and prostate cancer at the Ivy League Cornell University in New York and the Nobel-awarding Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, before being appointed as an academic consultant at the world-famous University of Oxford. He moved to London in 2017 to focus more on patient care than research, and has become a UK leader in Retzius-sparing robotic prostatectomy, a technique that has revolutionized early continence recovery for his patients. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) is also a leader in nerve-sparing robotic prostatectomy, and performs a “grades of nerve sparing” technique that he helped pioneer at Cornell University, which has been shown in studies he has led to improve both cancer control and erections after robotic prostatectomy. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) also performs the Neurosafe technique of nerve sparing in selected cases, again to improve erectile function recovery without compromising cancer control. The Neurosafe technique was pioneered by Dr Sooriakumaran’s collaborators at the Martini Klinic in Hamburg, Germany, and is a further example of the advanced robotic techniques that Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) uses to obtain the best possible outcomes for his patients. Whether patients have a Retzius sparing procedure or a conventional one, or a graded of nerve sparing approach to the nerves or a Neurosafe technique, varies based on the cancer itself and the patient wishes. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) chairs the Princess Grace Hospital multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of urologists, robotic surgeons, medical and radiotherapy oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and clinical nurse specialists, and the exact techniques employed are discussed in detail on a patient-by-patient basis. Hence, all of Dr Sooriakumaran’s patients benefit from the cumulative expertise of this MDT and this translates in to the best possible outcomes for them.

Many doctors write on their websites (and on websites they pay to be on!) about how they’ve done this or that, and these can sound very impressive. However, what ensures credibility for patients is independent awards from respected sources. In 2019, Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) topped the Evening Standard’s exclusive List of London’s Most Influential People in Health, and was cited as “a pioneering robotic surgeon investigating new techniques to spare men with prostate cancer the potentially debilitating effects of surgery”. PS was also featured on the List in 2018, making him the only urologist to have made the List more than once. In 2018, Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) also received the Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Achievement Award for his “significant contributions to society and the field of prostate cancer care”, becoming the first urologist to win this prestigious award. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) has also been selected by his peers as one of the UK’s top 10 prostate cancer surgeons: “an outstanding robotic surgeon who drives clinical research in urology in this country”; Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) was the youngest urologist to make this list. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) is also the youngest urologist to hold a National Clinical Excellence Award for his “over and above” services to health care, and was deemed one of the Top Scorers in the London region for this prestigious Award. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) was thus invited to be on the regional sub-committee to score future applications for these awards, an honour extended to very few surgeons.

Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) has written over 200 publications and delivered over 300 national/international presentations, and has changed global practice in prostate cancer with his research and surgical innovations. He has won dozens of other prestigious awards and prizes from societies in the UK, Europe, and the USA, and is one of the UK’s most sought after surgeons for prostate cancer lectures at national and international conferences. Dr Sooriakumaran (PS) is the only UK urologist to have been nominated three times for the European Association of Urology Crystal Matula award, given to “the most promising young urologist in Europe”.

Dr Sooriakumaran has a patient base from all corners of the globe, and provides second opinions by telephone, Skype, or face-to-face for patients and their families in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, China, Africa, and the rest of the world. It is true that Dr Sooriakumaran has a difficult-to-pronounce name and many patients may thus find the path of least resistance to go to someone else for their care, but please be assured that Dr Sooriakumaran is very approachable and informal, and is happy to be called PS by his patients, many of whom have become friends (and golf buddies!).